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A Little More About Us

 We’re Denny and Dessi and we’re glad you came! For years, we thought wealth was only for the “financially affluent”. We were hungry for information on how to build wealth from nothing. So we decided to find ways to accomplish this goal through reading, videos, seminars, and joining associations where we could surround ourselves with individuals who were out there making deals happen. We started with real estate investing over seven years ago. Since then we have been able to diversify our income into multiple income streams, own several businesses, travel, and more.

Denny and I started to work in real estate in 2012 flipping residential homes, all while I maintained a full-time job and Denny worked as a self-employee selling Medicare insurance plans. We both had goals to find ways to become more financially independent so that we could do more of the things we enjoy and not rely on one source of income.  

Although we were making decent money, it was becoming another job so we decided to find more ways to earn passive income. A few years later we began holding residential homes as rentals.  Again, we were making decent cash flow but the personal management of the properties was becoming a bit of a nuisance and limiting in essence to time for us to focus on building our business. This is when we decided to transition into multifamily investments. Multifamily investments allowed us to earn more cash flow and hire the right professionals to handle more of the day to day tasks. Till this day we still invest in multifamily properties but have expanded our reach into other investment assets.

Our real estate business has allowed us to find a work schedule that fits our lifestyle and travel the world. We were able to spend nineteen days traveling throughout Europe in 2017.  In 2019 we were able to accomplish  a lifetime dream to go on a road trip traveling throughout United States. We just recently finished traveling over 20,000 miles throughout 26 states, including a a 12 day cruise through Hawaii, and Vancouver, Canada. We were able to do this by having numerous passive income investments and flexibility to work remotely. 

We hope through this blog you may learn tips and investments strategies through various avenues such as real estate, business, commodities. and more. We continue to build our knowledge through reading, courses, partnerships, and closing new deals.  There is more than one way to make money and it's important for everyone to find a way to make money that is fun and interesting to YOU!

We publish monthly podcasts where we discuss ways to earn money through various investment strategies. We hope you subscribe and tune in to future podcasts. Don't forget to check out our previous shows! 

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